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Aerosmith – Road To Heaven Paved In Hell Part 2


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Aerosmith – Road To Heaven Paved In Hell Part 2


1 Dude Looks Like A Lady
2 Dreams On
3 Drum Solo Joey Kramer
4 Walk This Way
5 Living On The Edge
6 Sweet Emotion
7 Peter Gunn Theme
8 Train Kept A’ Rollin’
9 Dream On
10 Train Kept A’ Rollin’
11 Walking The Dog
12 Toys In The Attic

Recorded Live At:
Tracks 1 to 7: Forest National Theatre, Brussels, Belgium, 31st October, 1993
Tracks 8 to 12 : Ed Sullivan Studios, New York City, NY, 11 August 1990

Long believed to be “almost complete Bruxelles show, since Stop Messin’ Around is not included.” Actually, contrary to popular belief, Stop Messin’ Around is on this bootleg. It is the last track (track 13) on disc one, rather than being the first track on disc two as in other similar recordings.