Shindig 1964-1965 – SHINDIG DVD 29 ( Click on “Tracks” for full details on dates and artists performing )



Shindig 1964-1965 – SHINDIG DVD 28 ( Click on “Tracks” for full details on dates and artists performing )
March 24, 1965 “Episode #28 (60 minutes) dvd vol. 1
Opening medley (song excerpts):
1. Dick and Dee Dee “Do You Wanna Dance?”
2. Shirley Ellis “Name Game”
3. Bobby Sherman – “King Creole” (end of medley)
–The Shindogs, the Ray Pohlman Band – “Shotgun”
–Shirley Ellis and Jackie Wilson – “Gonna Mess Up a Good Thing”
–Dick and Dee Dee “Be My Baby” (not the Ronettes song)
–The Ray Polman Band & the Wellingtons – Rah Rah Shindig” (a.k.a. “Rah Rah Rockingham”)
–The Tradewinds “New York’s a Lonely Town”
–The Blossoms “Peaches and Cream”
–The Shindogs – “Baby Please Don’t Go”
–Donna Loren “Goldfinger”
–The Standells “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”
–Shindig dancers with Ray Pohlman “South Street”
–The Shindogs – “I’ve Got A Tiger by the Tail”
–The Wellingtons “If I Fell”
commercial: “The Swingers” record offer from Old London snacks
–Jewel Atkins “The Birds and the Bees”
–Dick and Dee Dee “How Do You Do It”
–Jackie Wilson “Danny Boy”
Commercial break: Milk ad with Bobby Sherman & 2 Shindig dancers
–Bobby Goldsboro “Little Things”
–Shirley Ellis “The Clapping Song”
— Bobby Sherman “Hello Mary Lou”
Commercial break
–The Standells “Come Home”
–Jackie Wilson “Sing”
–Jimmy O’Neill & Jack Good talk with Ray Pohlman
–Glen Campbell – “Do the Clam” (finale)
February 24, 1965 “Episode #25 (60 minutes) dvd vol. 1
Opening medley (song excerpts):
1. Glen Campbell “Um Um Um Um”
2. Donna Loren “Blue Suede Shoes”
3. The Gauchos “Down the Road Apiece”
4. Bobby Sherman “Milk Cow Blues” (probably the correct title) (end of medley)
Commercial: Colgate
–Glenn Campbell and Joey Cooper “I’ve Got A Tiger By the Tail”
–Glenn Campbell “Only Make Believe”
–The Gauchos “Out of Sight”
–The Supremes “Eight Days a Week”
–Bobby Sherman (with the Shindogs) “Don’t Start Crying Now”
–The New Yorkers “Ain’t That News?”
–Freddie and the Dreamers “I’m Telling You Now”
Commercial: Stri-Dex ad with Jimmy O’Neill
–The Shindogs “I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party”
–Donna Loren “With the Wind and the Rain in Your Hair”
–Jerry Naylor “I Find You” (might be “I Found You”)
–Stan Getz and Ruth Price “Telephone Song”
–The Supremes “Stop in the Name of Love”
Station ID break
Commercial: Qutex nail polish
–Jerry Naylor “I’ll Take You Home”
–The Poets “Now We’re Through” (clip probably taped in England)
–Freddie and the Dreamers “Cut Across Shorty”
Commercials: Milk ad with Bobby Sherman & 2 dancers
–Marianne Faithfull “Mary Ann” (clip taped in England)
–The Barbarians “You’ve Got to Understand”
Commercial: Zest ad with Joe Conley (later appeared on “The Waltons”)
–The Supremes “You Can’t Do That”
–Neil Sedaka “Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen”
–Jimmy O’Neill & Jack Good segment
–Finale: Neil Sedaka – “I Go Ape” (with closing credits)
March 31, 1965 Episode #29 (60 minutes)
Opening medley (song excerpts):
(1) The Wellingtons – “It’s A Big Wonderful World” (Jimmy O’Neill quickly stops song)
(2) Adam Faith & the Wellingtons “Roll Over Beethoven”
(3) The Blossoms “Johnny B. Goode”
(4) Bobby Sherman “Sweet Little Sixteen”
(5) Delaney Bramlett “Memphis”
(6) Joey Cooper “Maybelline”
(7) Sylvie Vartan, Chuck Berry “Reelin’ & Rockin'”
(8) Chuck Berry – “Rock ‘n’ Roll Music” (end of medley)
Commercial break:
–Adam Faith – “Talk About Love”
–The Spats “Boney Maronie”
–Billy Fury “I’m Lost Without You” (clip probably taped in England)
Commercial: Beechnut Gum
–Sylvie Vartan (singer from France) “Money”
–Chuck Berry “Back in the U.S.A.” (with the Wellingtons singing backup)
–Adam Faith “It’s Alright” excerpt
–The Shindogs – “The Race Is On”
–Jackie and Gayle “If I Loved You”
–Roosevelt (“Rosie”) Grier “It’s Not Unusual”
Commercial: Milk ad
–Jerry Cole and the Shindig Band “Come Over to my Place”
–The Blossoms, the Wellingtons, Ray Pohlman, and the Shindig Band – “Woe Tom”
–John Andrea “Loddy Lo”
Station ID break
Commercial: Maybelline
–Jerry Mason “Viva Las Vegas”
–The Shindogs “Shaking All Over”
–Jackie and Gayle “I’ll Save the Last Dance for You”
Commercials: Head & Shoulders & Gleem
–The Spats “Gator Tails and Monkey Ribs”
–Sylvie Vartan “Twist and Shout”
–The Blossoms “Land of A Thousand Dances”
–Adam Faith “Lucille”
Commercial: “Swingers” record offer from New London Foods
–Chuck Berry “Dear Dad” (Shindig’s disc pick of the week)
— Bobby Sherman “It Hurts Me” and “Roberta”
Jack Good and Jimmy O’Neill segment
–Finale: Adam Faith, Bobby Sherman, Jackie & Gayle “It Sounds Good to Me” (with closing credits)
dvd vol. 2
July 14, 1965 “Episode #44 (60 minutes)
Opening medley (song excerpts):
(1) Bobby Sherman – “Rave On”
(2) Beau Brummels, Kelly Garrett and Sammy Jackson “Do You Wanna Dance?”
(3) The Shindogs – “Fun, Fun, Fun” (end of medley)
Shindig logo
— Kelly Garrett “Boy on the Drums”
–Billy Preston (playing piano) – “All About Melanie” (instrumental song)
–Ian Whitcomb “I’m Henry the VIII, I Am”
–The Gauchos “For You My Love”
–Shindogs “Talkin’ ’bout You”
Commercial: Stri-Dex
–The Blossoms “Goodbye, So Long”
— Bobby Sherman “Catch the Wind”
–Sammy Jackson (from the TV series “No Time for Sergeants”) “Memphis”
–Terry Black “Unless You Care”
–The Gauchos “Seventh Son”
Commercials: Dippidy Do & White Rain
–George Wydell “Do the Walk”
–Shelley Fabares “My Prayer”
–Ian Whitcomb “Nervous”
–The Beau Brummels “Just A Little”
Station ID break
Commercial: Sea & Ski
–The Wellingtons “Lotus 23”
–Kelly Garrett “Fastest Little Racer” (with Bobby Sherman)
–Bobby Sherman “My Ferrari GTO” excerpt
–The Wellingtons “Restless Rookie”
–The Beau Brummels “Sad Little Girl”
Commercial: Polaroid color camera
–The Shindogs “She’s Fine She’s Mine”
–Bobby Sherman “For Your Love”
Commercials: Macleans toothpaste & Brylcreem
–Sammy Jackson – “Hard Headed Woman”
–The Beau Brummels “You Tell Me Why”
–Jimmy O’Neill talks with Sammy Jackson & Shelly Fabares.
–Finale: Ian Whitcomb “You Turn Me On” (with closing credits)
6/9/65 (60 minutes) Everly Brothers; Sandie Shaw; Righteous Brothers
5/26/65 (60 minutes) Sonny & Cher; Delaney & Joey; Shindogs; Stones; Jackie DeShannon; Howlin Wolf
9/25//65 (30 minutes)
Donna Loren; Mary Wells
12/2/64 (30 minutes) Donna Loren; Righteous Brothers; Freddie Cannon 12/13/65 (30 minutes)
DC5; Gerry & Pacemakers; Moody Blues; Yardbirds
1/13/65 (30 minutes) Righteous Brothers; Paul peterson; Johnny Cash; Hermans Hermits
9/16/64: w/Sam Cooke
9/25/65: w/Jimmy Rodgers, Mary Wells, Little Anthony & The Imperials…
1/13/65: w/Johnny Cash, Hermans Hermits
12/2/64: w/Bobby Vinton
2/3/65 (30 minutes)
Donna Loren; Hondells dvd vol. 5
11/18/65 (30 minutes) Donna Loren; Leon Russell; Supremes dvd vol. 5
also on SHINDIG DVD VOL. 5:
MURRAY THE K out-takes-includes DOORS ‘People Are Strange’
-Turtles-LLOYD THAXTON SHOW-‘Outside Chance’
-9/1/65 (1hour) Kinks; Offbeats
-8/4/65 (1 Hour) Great Scots; Marianne Faithful; Righteous Brothers
-12/9/65 SHINDIG! GOES TO LONDON Yardbirds, Who, Manfred Mann
-12/4/65 SHINDIG! GOES TO LONDON Animals, Moody Blues, Steve Winwood
-10/4/65 Animals; Donna Loren; Zsa Zsa; Marianne Faithful
PLUS on same SHINDIG VOL. 7:
MALIBU U 1966 w/New Breed; Peter & Gordon; Marvin Gaye
-12/9/64 Manfred Mann
-12/23/64 Christmas w/Beach Boys
-10/7/64 Beatles; Sandie Shaw
-10/14/64 Manfred Mann; Roy Orbison
-7/21/65 (1hour) w/o/c Sir Douglas Quintet; Gene Pitney
-9/8/65 (1 Hour) Guilloteens
DVD 10
-9/23/65 Pretty Things; Yardbirds
-10/16/65 Hugh O’Brien; Spoonful; Vashti; Shindogs
-9/16/65 Byrds; Stones; McCoys
-10/2/65 Who; 4 Tops; Gerry & Pacemakers
DVD 11
-3/3/65 (1 hour) w/Stones; Little Eva; Shindogs; Joe Tex
-11/25/64 w/Donna Loren; Chad & Jeremy; Righteous Brothers; Neil Sedaka
PLUS on this Volume:
-HAPPENING ’68 ALL Wilson Pickett episode
DVD 12
-6/23/65 (1 hour) w/Byrds; Kingsmen; Righteous Brothers
PLUS on this Volume:
-HOLLYWOOD PALACE: Host: Sammy Davis Jr; James Brown
DVD 13
-12/25/65 All Johnny Mathis Christmas episode
PLUS on this Volume:
-THE BEAT w/Bobby Hebb 1966 B&W Print
DVD 14
Plus on this volume:
POPENDIPITY ’67 w/o/c w/Flip Wilson, Frank Converse, Buffalo Springfield, Aretha, etc…
DVD 15
-10/14/64 w/Adam Faith (It’s Alright); Roy Orbison; Manfred Mann w/o/c
-4/28/65 (1 Hour) w/Donna Loren; Shindogs;Freddie & Dreamers; Sandie Shaw; 4 Tops; Manfred Mann
-1/6/65: w/Righteous Brothers; Donna Loren; Bobby Sherman; Sal Mineo; Adam Faith; Sandie Shaw w/o/c
11/25/65: HAWAII PART 2 w/Don Ho; Len Berry; Shindogs; Glen Campbell
DVD 16
-11/4/64 w/Gerry & Pacemakers; Righteous Brothers; Gene Pitney; Glen Campbell; Smokey Robinson
-10/7/65 w/Kinks; Dee Dee Sharp; Evie Sands
-10/9/65: w/Carolyn Jones (guest Host); Dick & Dee Dee; Jackie DeShannon; Roy Head; Shindogs
-10/21/65: w/Hedy Lamarr (guest Host); Kingsmen; DC5; Joe Tex; Eddie Rambeau; Brenda Holloway
DVD 17
-4/14/65 (1 hour episode) w/Jerry Lee Lewis; Neil Sedaka; Nino Tempo; Glen Campbell; Millie Small; Donna Loren; Shindogs
-2/10/65 (1 Hour episode) w/Temptations; Jerry Mason; Del Shannon; Bobby Hatfield; Ventures; Marianne Faithfull; Jewel Akins; Hullabaloos.
DVD 18
-10/28/64 w/Leon Russell; Billy J. Kramer
-11/18/64 w/Supremes; Paul Peterson
-11/20/65 HAWAII Pt. 2
Plus xtra clip:
T-Bones-No Matter What Shape SHIVAREE 1966
DVD 19
-5/26/65 (1 Hour) w/Stones; Howlin Wolf; Sonny & Cher; Jackie DeShannon (slight upgrade-same as episode on VOL. 3) 8/11/65 (1 Hour) w/Stones; Donovan; Ronnettes; Sonny & Cher w/o/c
DVD 20
-10/23/65 w/Shangri-Las; Byrds
-1/6/66 w/Who; Kinks; Billy J. Kramer w/o/c
-1/8/66 w/Knickerbockers; Jackie DeShannon w/o/c (also good print on SHIVAREE VOL. 3)
-9/23/65 w/Jerry Lee Lewis; Yardbirds; Pretty Things (Slight Upgrade)
DVD 21
-8/18/65: (1 hour-low audio) w/Bo Diddley; Shindogs; Jackie DeShannon w/o/c
PLUS: American Bandstand 1957
DVD 22
SHINDIG DVD VOL. 22: (All Upgrades…nice quality)
1. Shindig! [October 9th, 1965] 01. Opening medley
a. Dick & DeeDee Thou Shalt Not Steal
b. Jr. Walker You’re A Wonderful One
c. Jackie DeShannon It’s Love Baby (24 Hours Every Day)
d. Roy Head You Can’t Sit Down
02. Dick & DeeDee (with The Wellingtons) I Live For The Sun
03. Jackie DeShannon A Lifetime Of Loneliness
04. Jr. Walker & The All Stars Shotgun
05. Roy Head Turn On Your Love Light
06. The Shindogs Not The Lovin’ Kind
07. Dick & DeeDee Roll Over Beethoven
08. Glen Campbell The Universal Soldier
09. Carolyn Jones recites the lyrics to »This Little Bird«
10. Jr. Walker & The All Stars Shake And Fingerpop
11. Jackie DeShannon (with The Blossoms and The Wellingtons) I’ll Go Crazy
12. Roy Head Treat Her Right
13. Jr. Walker & The All Stars, Roy Head, Jackie DeShannon and Dick & DeeDee Shout Part 1
2. Shindig! [October 16th, 1965] 01. Opening medley
a. Ray Peterson, Kelly Garrett, The Lovin’ Spoonful, Glen Campbell and The Shindogs – Let The Good Times Roll
02. Jimmy Witherspoon Love Me Right
03. Glen Campbell Kansas City Star
04. The Lovin’ Spoonful Do You Believe In Magic?
05. Ray Peterson Yesterday
06. Kelly Garrett – Tossing And Turning
07. The Shindogs – Good Golly Miss Molly
08. Peter & Gordon – Don’t Pity Me
09. Vashti Bunyan – Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind
10. The Lovin’ Spoonful – Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind?
11. Glen Campbell and Ray Peterson Slow Down
12. The Lovin’ Spoonful, Glen Campbell, Kelly Garrett, The Wellingtons, Jimmy Witherspoon and Ray Peterson – When The Saints Go Marching In
3. Shindig! [October 21st,1965] 01. Opening medley
a. The Shindig Band, The Blossoms, The Kingsmen, Eddie Rambeau and Joe Tex Treat Her Right
b. The Kingsmen – Too Much Monkey Business
02. Eddie Rambeau (with The Elgibles) Concrete and Clay
03. Joe Tex I Want To (Do Everything For You)
04. Brenda Holloway Shake
05. The Kingsmen – Money (That’s What I Want)
06. Dave Clark Five Having A Wild Weekend
07. Brenda Holloway You Can Cry On My Shoulder
08. The Kingsmen – Medley: The Jolly Green Giant; Annie Fanny; Little Latin Lupe Lu
09. Eddie Rambeau The Train
10. The Kingsmen Louie Louie
11. Joe Tex I Got A Woman
12. The Kingsmen, Joe Tex, Brenda Holloway and Eddie Rambeau – Do You Love Me
4. Shindig! [October 23rd, 1965] 01. Opening medley
a. Dobie Gray See You At The Go-Go
b. The Shangri-Las Thirty Days
c. The Byrds I’m A Loser
d. Bobby Sherman and Glen Campbell Ready Teddy
02. The Byrds Chimes Of Freedom
03. Dobie Gray The ‘In’ Crowd
04. The Shangri-Las Right Now And Not Later
05. The Shindogs Keep A Knockin’
06. Glen Campbell Everyone’s Gone To The Moon
07. The Byrds Turn! Turn! Turn!
08. Bobby Sherman Goody Galum Shus
09. The Shangri-Las Give Him A Great Big Kiss
10. Dobie Gray My Baby
11. Glen Campbell, The Elgibles, Bobby Sherman, The Blossoms, Joey Cooper and Delaney Bramlet – Peppermint Twist
12. The Shangri-Las, Dobie Gray, Glen Campbell and Bobby Sherman Twist And Shout
DVD 23
1. Shindig! [July 7th, 1965] 01. Opening medley
a. Bobby Sherman, Donna Loren, The Eligibles and The Blossoms
You Really Got Me
b. Rick Lancelot All Day And All Of The Night
c. The Kinks I’m A Lover, Not A Fighter
02. Sonny & Cher It’s Gonna Rain
03. Cher Dream Baby (a.k.a. I Dream Of Him)
04. Billy Preston (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
05. The Gauchos I Ain’t Got You
06. Marianne Faithfull What Have They Done To The Rain
07. Marianne Faithfull As Tears Go By
08. Bobby Sherman Bring It On Home To Me
09. Rick Lancelot Boom Boom
10. The Blossoms Gimme Some
11. Donna Loren Bad Boy
12. The Gauchos I Like It Like That
13. Aretha Franklin (with The Blossoms) The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss)
14. Sonny Bono Hello Josephine
15. Marianne Faithfull Come And Stay With Me
16. The Kinks It’s Alright
17. Donna Loren Shakin’ All Over
18. The Eligibles A Little Bit Too Late
19. Aretha Franklin I’m Losing You (No, No)
20. The Kinks Set Me Free
21. Marianne Faithfull This Little Bird
22. Bobby Sherman (with The Elgibles) I Saw Her Standing There
23. The Blossoms I Can’t Believe What You Say
24. The Kinks Tired Of Waiting For You
25. Sonny & Cher I Got You Babe
26. The Kinks – Long Tall Shorty
2. Shindig! [July 21st, 1965] UPGRADE
01. Opening medley
a. Gene Pitney Carol
b. Sir Douglas Quintet Roll Over Beethoven
c. Bruce Scott Maybelline
d. Sonny & Cher Ride On Josephine
02. The Righteous Brothers Justine
03. Gary Lewis & The Playboys Save Your Heart For Me
. Billy Preston Do The Boomerang
05. The Nashville Teens Tobacco Road
06. Jody Miller Silver Threads
And Golden Needles
07. Billy Preston Maggie’s Farm
08. Gene Pitney Looking Through The Eyes Of Love
09. Bobby Sherman Seventh Son
10. Gary Lewis & The Playboys This Diamond Ring
11. Bruce Scott Sweet Little Sixteen
12. The Chiffons Nobody Knows What’s Goin’ On (In My Mind But Me)
13. Sir Douglas Quintet She’s About A Mover
14. Bruce Scott Let The Little Girl Dance
15. Sonny & Cher Do You Love Me?
16. Commercial
17. Gene Pitney Last Chance To Turn Around
18. The Elgibles and The Blossoms I Want Candy
19. The Righteous Brothers In That Great Gettin’ Up Morning
20. Cher All I Really Want To Do
21. The Blossoms I Can’t Help Myself
22. Sir Douglas Quintet The Tracker
23. Gene Pitney The Race Is On
24. The Righteous Brothers Here ’tis
DVD 24
1. Shindig! [November 4th, 1964] UPGRADE
01. Gerry & The Pacemakers How Do You Do It?
02. The Righteous Brothers In That Great Getting’ Up Mornin’
03. Glen Campbell Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall
04. Ketty Lester (with The Blossoms and The Eligibles) You Can Have Him
05. Gene Pitney I’m Gonna Be Strong
06. The Miracles You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me
07. Glen Campbell Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby
08. Ketty Lester Love Letters
09. Gerry & The Pacemakers I Like It
10. Gerry & The Pacemakers – A Shot Of Rhythm ‘n’ Blues
11. The Miracles Mickey’s Monkey
2. Shindig! [December 9th, 1964] UPGRADE
01. Tommy Quickly The Dog
02. Manfred Mann Do Wah Diddy Diddy
03. Kelly Garrett Mellow Fellows
04. Chubby Checker She Wants T’ Swim
05. The Dixie Cups Chapel Of Love (excerpt)
06. The Dixie Cups – You Should Have Seen The Way He Looked At Me
07. The Righteous Brothers Fannie Mae
08. Willy Nelson Willie And The Hand Jive
09. Tommy Quickly The Wild Side Of Life
10. Chubby Checker Lovely, Lovely (Loverly, Loverly)
11. Manfred Mann Sha La La
3. Shindig! [December 23rd, 1964] UPGRADE
01. The Beach Boys Dance, Dance, Dance
02. Bobby Sherman and Donna Loren Keep Searchin’
03. The Righteous Brothers Come On Do The Jerk
04. Marvin Gaye How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You
05. Adam Faith Watch Your Step
06. Bobby Sherman Sleigh Ride
07. Adam Faith Santa Claus Is Back In Town
08. Donna Loren Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
09. The Beach Boys – Little Saint Nick
10. The Beach Boys – Monster Mash
11. The Beach Boys Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow
12. The Beach Boys Johnny B. Goode
13. Commercial
14. Marvin Gaye Hitch Hike + The Beach Boys We Three Kings
4. Shindig! [October 7th, 1965] UPGRADE
01. Opening medley:
a. Evie Sands Live It Up
b. Bobby Sherman You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby
c. Dee Dee Sharp Rock Me In The Cradle Of Love
d. The Shindogs Come On, Let’s Go
02. The Kinks Who’ll Be The Next In Line
03. Evie Sands Take Me For A Little While
04. Charlie Rich Mohair Sam
05. Dee Dee Sharp Do The Bird
06. Bobby Sherman (with The Wellingtons) You’re The One
07. Jean King Something Happens To Me
08. Charlie Rich Lonely Weekends
09. The Shindogs The Night Before
10. The Kinks See My Friends
11. Dee Dee Sharp (with The Blossoms) Mashed Potato Time
12. Billy Preston and Dee Dee Sharp Slow Twistin’
13. Bobby Sherman and Evie Sands Shu Rah
14. The Shindogs, Dee Dee Sharp, Billy Preston and Bobby Sherman I’m Movin’ On
DVD 25
-10/28/65: W/Toys, Newbeats; Dinah Lee
-5/19/65: (1 Hour) w/Ray Charles; Zombies
DVD 26
-11/25/64 w/o/c w/Donna Loren; Chad & Jeremy; Tina Turner; Neil Sedaka
-11/11/64: w/Billy J. Kramer; Apollas; Hank Williams Jr
plus on this volume:
*FABIAN: Teen Idol (25 min.)
*BIG BEAT ’59: NYC w/Bobby Darin
DVD 27
-10/21/64: w/Righteous Brothers, Jackie Wilson, Donna Loren
-9/30/65: w/Hollies, DC5, Donovan, Turtles, Leslie Gore
-5/12/65: w/Dino Desi & Billy, Moody Blues, Olympics, Righteous Brothers (60 min. episode)
DVD 28
-4/21/65: (60 min.) w/Beach Boys; Shangri-Las; Ian Whitcombe; Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders…
-6/23/65: (60 min.) w/Byrds; Kingsmen; Jody Miller…
DVD 29
-12/2/65: w/Hollies, Searchers, We 5…
-12/16/65: w/Yardbirds; Unit 4 + 2; Lulu & The Luvvers; Vashti; Georgie Fame…
DVD 30
-(9/18/65) – Dave Clark Five (Catch Us If You Can), Bobby Sherman (JuJu
Hand), Shindogs (I’m Down), Marianne Faithfull (Summer Nights),
Righteous Bros. (Kokomo), Billy Preston, The We Five (You Were On My
Mind), Jackie DeShannon (Shop Around), Freddie & The Dreamers (Little
Bitty Pretty One), more. w/o/c 30 min.
-(10/30/65) – The Gauchos (Tell Me What You’re Gonna Do/Boney Maronie), The Spokesmen (There But For Fortune), Boris Karloff (Peppermint Twist!!), Jackie & Gayle, Ted Cassidy as LURCH!, more. w/o/c 30 min.
-(11/4/65) -PART ONE of an all Louie Armstrong show with him doing Blueberry
Hill/Hello Dolly/When The Saints Come Marching In/Indiana/ and more.
25 min.
-(11/13/65) – Righteous Bros (J ustine/Fannie Mae), Donna Loren (Where Have All The Flowers Gone), Rick Nelson (Live And Learn/[ Catch Myself Crying), Barbara Lewis (Make Me Your Baby/ Baby I’m Yours), The Turtles (Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night/Let Me Be), Righteous Bros (Guess Who), David Jones (What Are We Going To Do?), Roy Head (Treat Her Right/Apple Of My Eye), The Gentrys (Keep On Dancing). 30 min. w/o/c
DVD 31
-(1 /13/65) – Dick & Dee Dee (Thou Shalt Not Steal/Be My Baby), Herman’s
Hermits (I’m Into Something Good), Paul Petersen (Little Dreamer/I’m In
Love Again), Johnny Cash (Amen/Orange Blossom Special), The
Detergents (Leader Of The Laundromat), Righteous Bros (You’ve Lost
That Lovin’Feeling), Paris Sisters (My Buddy) w/o/c 30 min.
-(11/18/65) – Special show for the movie DR. GOLDFOOT with Vincent Price, Susan Hart, Harvey Lembeck, and Tommy Kirk. w/o/c 30 min.
-(11/27/65) – Special edition with George Maharis (Witchcraft/King Of The Road/Route 66/ Oh Lonesome Me/more), and the Young Americans (This Land Is Your Land/D ixie/Swanee/m ore). 25 min.
-(12/2/65) – We Five (You Were On My Mind/Get Together), Leroy Van
Dyke (it’s All Over Now, Baby Blue/Walk On By), The Hollies (Look Thru
Any Window), The Searchers (Needles And Pins), Melody Patterson
(You’re The One), Tommy Turner, more. w/o/c 30 min.
DVD 32
-(3/10/65) – Beau Brummels (Laugh Laugh/Queen Of The Hop), Dobie Gray
(The’ln’Crowd), The Drifters (At The Club), Righteous Bros (This Little Girl
Of Mine), Everly Bros. (Wake Up Little Suzie/That’ll Be The Day/Bird Dog),
Mickey Rooney Jr (40 Days), Tony Bennett, more. 1 hour w/o/c
-(4/7/65) – Lesley Gore (Gee Baby I’m Sorry/All Of My Life), Jimmy Clanton
(Tired Of Waiting), Larry Hovis (Cherry Pie), Martha & The Vandellas
(Nowhere To Run), Marvin Gaye (Stubborn Kind Of Guy/Memphis/Don”t
Let Me Be Misunderstood/Can I Get A Witness), Tina Turner, John
Andrea, Righteous Bros, Donna Loren… MORE. 1 hour w/o/c
DVD 33
-(2/17/65) – Sonny & Cher (Baby Don’t Go), Dee Dee Sharp (Let The Sun
Shine In/ Rock Me In The Cradle Of Love), The Echoes (Shout/Hippy
Hippy Shake), Peter & Gordon (A World Without Love/Land Of Oden),
Linda Gail (Thanks A Lot/The Girl From Wolverton Mountain), Jerry Lee
Lewis (Long Tall Sally/Hold Me Close/Great Balls Of Fire), Moody Blues
(Go Now), Vic Dana (Red Roses For A Blue Lady), Sandie Shaw (Girl
Don’t Come), Herman’s Hermits (Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat), Steve
Alaimo (Real Live Girl), more. I hour W/o/c
-(5/5/65) – Elvis tribute show with Delaney Bramlett (That’s Alright,
Mama/King Creole), Ray Peterson (Can’t Help FaDing In Love/its Now Or
Never/Heartbreak Hotel), Linda Gail (Don’t Be Cruel/Crying In The
Chapel), Willy -Nelson (Hound Dog), Maria Gahva (Little Sister), Joey
Cooper (I Got A Woman/Blue Suede Shoes), Sonny & Cher (Teddy
Bear/All Shook Up/Treat Me Nice), Jimmy Boyd (Hot Dog/Poor Boy),
Chambers Bros. (Jailhouse Rock), Glen Campbell (Trouble/Surrender),
Cher (Wooden Heart), The Blossoms (Shake, Rattle & Roll), more. 1 hour w/o/c
DVD 34
-(6/16/65) – Petula Clark (In Love), Gary Lewis & The Playboys (Count Me
In/Save Your Heart For Me), PJ Proby (Hold Me), Cliff Bennett & The
Rebel Rousers (I Can’t Stand It), Everly Bros (Cathy’s Clown), Dick & Dee Dee doing the great Jagger/Richard “Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind”,Gerry & The
Pacemakers (It’s Gonna Be Alright/You’ll Never Walk Alone/and a GREAT
medley of hits with the Everlys), more. w/o/c 1 hour
-(6/30/65) – Jerry Lee Lewis (Rockin Pneumonia/High School
Confidential/Whole Lotta Shakin), Jackie Wilson (That’s Why/No Pity In
The Naked City/I’m So Lonely), Chad & Jeremy (Before And After/A Summer Song), Glen Campbell, Righteous Bros, more. 1 hr. w/o/c
DVD 35
-(6/2/65) – Patty Duke (Don’t Just Stand There/Everything But Love),
Marianne Faithful (Once I Had A Sweetheart), Diane Renay (Dum Dum),
Major Lance (Ain’t That A Shame/Monkey Time), Linda Carr (Da Doo Ron
Ron/What’d I Say/C.C. Rider), Righteous Bros. (Ko Ko Joe/You’ll Never
Walk Alone/Big Boy Pete), more. 1 hour w/o/c
-(7/28/65) – Tommy Tucker (High Heel SneakerstJust For A Day/Walkin’ The Dog), Dave Clark Five (Glad All Over/Bits & Pieces/Can’t You See That She’s Mine/I Like It Like That), Nashville Teens (Google Eye), Jay & The Americans (This Land Is Your Land/Cara Mia), Mike Clifford (New Orleans/Stay), Dave Berry (Memphis), John Andrea, Roy Clark, Donna Loren (Long Live Love), Terry Black (Only Sixteen), Blossoms (Can I Get A Witness?), Linda Carr (Pain in My HeartlWhatcha Gonna Do), more. w/o/c 1 hour
DVD 36
-(12/11/65) – Barry McGuire (Out Of Sight/She Belongs To MeNesterday/Do
You Believe In Magic/You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away/This Precious
Time), Grass Roots (Ain’t That Lovin’You Baby), Mamas & Papas (I Call
Your Name/Somebody Groovy/California Dreamin’), cast (Hang On
Sloopy) 25 min.
-(12/30/65) – The Kinks (Milk Cow Blues), The Hollies (Too Much Monkey Business/ Just One Look), Manfred Mann (Watermelon Man/5-4-3-2-1), Gerry & The Pacemakers (Ferry Cross The Mersey), Georgie Fame (Yeah Yeah), The Who (Daddy Rolling Stone), Marianne Faithful (There But For Fortune), Adam Faith (Dig That Kind Of Beat), more. w/o/c 30 min.
-(1/1/66) – SHINDIG GOES TO EUROPE part 2 with George Chakiris (What’s New Pussycat?/Name Of The Game Is Love), Francois Hardy (Petite Couer), Shirley Bassey (A Lot Of Living To Do/He Loves Me/It’s Yourself), more. 25 min.
-(1/8/66) – Dick & Dee Dee (Lightning Strikes/Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright), Jackie DeShannon (We Can Work It Out/As Tears Go By), Knickerbockers (Lies/Let Me Be), Bobby Sherman, The Wellingtons, more. w/o/C 30 min.
DVD 37
SHINDIG – (12/16/64) – Dave Clark Five (Can’t You See That She’s
Mine/Everybody Knows/Any Way You Want It), Mickey Rooney Jr. (I Feel
Fine), The Newbeats (Everything’s Alright), Adam Faith (Boom Boom/It’s
Alright), Isley Bros. (Shout), Kelly Garrett, Bobby Sherman, more.
30 min. w/o/c
plus on this volume of Shindig:
HOLLYWOOD A GO GO – (7/17/65) – Bobby Vee (Keep On Trying/Sharin’ You/Hey, Little Girl), Jackie Wilson (Baby Workout/No Pity In The Naked City), The Byrds (Mr. Tam bourine Man/Feel A Whole Lot Better/All I Really Wanna Do), Ian Whitcomb (You Turn Me On/Be My Baby), Lenny Welch (Darlin’, Take Me Back), The Sinners (Whole Lotta Shakin’Goin’On/She’s About A Mover/California Sun), The Challengers (Seventh Son/Satisfaction/Sticks & Stones). 1 hour
on SHINDIG! Vol. 37:
HOLLYWOOD A GO GO – (7/17/65) – Bobby Vee (Keep On Trying/Sharin’ You/Hey, Little Girl), Jackie Wilson (Baby Workout/No Pity In The Naked City), The Byrds (Mr. Tam bourine Man/Feel A Whole Lot Better/All I Really Wanna Do), Ian Whitcomb (You Turn Me On/Be My Baby), Lenny Welch (Darlin’, Take Me Back), The Sinners (Whole Lotta Shakin’Goin’On/She’s About A Mover/California Sun), The Challengers (Seventh Son/Satisfaction/Sticks & Stones). 1 hour
DVD 38
SHINDIG (1/27/65) – Duane Eddy (Ruffneck/Rebel Rouser), The Zombies
(Tell Her No), Little Anthony/Imperials (Hurt So Bad/Twist & Shout/Shout),
Serendipity Singers (Rider/Little Brown Jug), Righteous Bros., Freddie &
The Dreamers (You Were Made For Me), Ray Peterson (Unchained
Melody), more. w/o/c 1 hour
plus on this SHINDIG volume:
SINGER PRESENTS HERB ALPERT & THE TIJUANA BRASS – (4/24/67) – If you like the TJB, you’ll LOVE this special! This is LOADED with songs by the boys. Lonely Bull/Whistle While You Work/Tijuana Taxi/Wade In The Water/Whipped Cream/A Taste Of Honey/Mame plus many many more. Some of these I KNOW were hits, I just don’t know the names of them! This has some Singer commercials and is about 1 hour long
DVD 39
SHINDIG (6/16/65) 1 hr. w/o/c W/Petula Clark, Everly Brothers, Dick & Dee Dee (“Some Things”), P.J. Proby…(Lesser Quality than on other volume)
DVD 40
-11/18/64: (West Coast)-Everly Brothers; Manfred Mann (Sha La La)
-1/20/65: The Kinks; The Rolling Stones; The Dave Clark Five; Petula Clark; Donna Loren; Bobby Vee; Gerry & The Pacemakers; Bobby Sherman; The Fearless Foursome (“Since You’ve Gone”) (60)
DVD 41
-Wednesday, December 30, 1964: Bobby Rydell (I Just Can’t Say Goodbye”,”Swinging School”); Vic Dana (“Down By The Riverside”); Jerry Lee Lewis (“Mean Woman Blues”, “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”); Donna Loren (“Ten Good Reasons”), Mary Wells (“My Guy”, “Use Your Head”); Willie Nelson; The Gauchos (“California Sun”); The Blossoms; The Wellingtons
-Saturday, December 18, 1965: Filmed on location in Europe, Part 1: George Charkiris (“Witchcraft”); Orson Welles (“So Many Things To Rember”); Dizzy Gillespie; Liana Orfei; Rita Pavone; Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (performing a scene from “Romeo And Juliet”) NOTE: Incomplete, but most of episode is here.
PLUS on this vol. 41- SHIVAREE:
3/5/66 (#58): Temptations, Newbeats, Mel Carter.
4/3/65 (#10): Standells, Sonny & Cher, Bobby Goldsboro, Donnie Brooks, more
DVD 42
Thursday, November 4 & Thursday, November 11, 1965-Louis Armstrong & Combo take over Shindig! For two shows..BOTH Pt.1 & Pt. 2 on this volume
PLUS on this vol. 42- BING CROSBY SHOW 10/7/59 w/GS Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong & Peggy Lee.
DVD 43
DVD: SHINDIG! Vol. 43 -BEST OF SHINDIG! (Excellent Quality)
Beatles- “Kansas City”/ “I’m a Loser”/ “Boys”
Everly Brothers – “Love is Strange”
Byrds – “Feel A Whole Lot Better” / “Bells of Rhymne” / “Chimes of Freedom” / “Turn,Turn,Turn”
Billy Preston
McCoys – “Hang on Sloopy”
Rolling Stones – “Satisfaction” / “Down the Road a Piece” (2)/ “We Got a Good Thing Goin” /”Good Times” / “Have Mercy”
Jerry Lee Lewis – “Mean Woman”
Yardbirds – “For Your Love” / “Heart Full of Soul”
Hollies – “I’m Alive” / “Too Much Monkey Business”
Turtles – “Needles and Pins” / “It Ain’t Me Babe”
Searchers – “Hi Heal Sneakers”
The Who – “Can’t Explain” / “Daddy Rolling Stone” / “My Generation”
Gerry and the Pacemakers – “Ferry Cross the Mersey” / “Dizzie Miss Lizzy”
Sonny and Cher
Donovan – “Catch the Wind”
Manfred Mann – “Watermellon Man” / “54321”
Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames
Marinanne Faithful – “There If By Fortune”
Kinks – “Milkcow Blues” / “Gotta Move” / “You Really Got Me”
BJ Krammer – “My Babe”
DC5 “Glad All Over” / several more
(1 hour, 47 mins.)