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Stray Cats – Baby Blue Eyes ( On Stage )


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Stray Cats – Baby Blue Eyes ( On Stage )

1 Runaway Boys
2 Rev It Up
3 Stray Cat Strut
4 Rock This Town
5 Something Else
6 Baby Blue Eyes
7 Lonely Summer Nights
8 Double Talking Woman
9 Built For Speed
10 Rumble In Brighton
11 Banjo Song
12 Drink That Bottle Down
13 Jeannie Jeanie Jeannie
14 Fishnet Stockings
Stray Cat Strut misspelt Stray Cats Strut on tray card and label.
Drink That Bottle Down Bottle is misspelt Bootle.
Double Talkin’ Woman is mistitled and should read Double Talkin’ Baby.

Live Los Angeles 1982.