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The Byrds – Byrdaholics


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The Byrds – Byrdaholics

1 She Has A Way
2 You Showed Me
3 Here Without You
4 You Won’t Have To Cry
5 Terry Melcher Rap
6 She Has A Way
7 Eight Miles High
8 I Know My Rider
9 It Happens Everyday
10 Let It Be Me
11 You Don’t Miss Your Water
12 Hickory Wind
13 Feel A Whole Lot Better
14 Chimes Of Freedom
15 Turn, Turn, Turn
16 Fallen Eagle
17 You’re Still On My Mind
18 Both Of Us (Bound To Lose)
19 Undercover Man
20 Ballad Of Dick Clark
21 Captain Video
22 Valentino
23 You Ain’t Goin Nowhere
Different versions, radio broadcasts and live tracks, never before released on CD.